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Brand Slogan

  • Inspired by Ingaksa Temple, which is where Samguk Yusa was written, and traditional patterns symbolizing the passing of time and history, the design matches the County slogan, “Gunwi, the birthplace of Samguk Yusa and home to Korean history.”
  • The colors brown and green express the precious history and beautiful natural environment of Gunwi.

Symbol Mark

  • The oval-shaped symbol represents the wide-open, clean environment of Gunwi-gun that makes it a particularly pleasant and livable “garden city.”
  • The three lines spreading out from an abstract representation of Palgongsan Mountain show the cheerful spirit, progress, future, and hope of the locals.
    The small oval at the bottom represents Gunwi-gun's aspirations to become the center of local municipal governments.
  • The white background expresses the pure and clean character of Gunwi-gun and its people, and also an overall sense of unity and trust Gunwi evokes.

Symbol Flower : Korean Forsythia

  • As the first flower to bloom in spring, Korean Forsythia exudes vitality and tranquility, and grows in colonies, making it the perfect symbol for the unity, harmony, stability, and prosperity championed by the locals.

Symbol Tree : Sawleaf Zelcova Tree

  • The Sawleaf Zelcova Tree is a fertile tree that boasts great longevity and deep roots. It grows across the entire County, and the tree is a perfect symbol of the strong spirit and determination, which the locals are known for.

Symbol Bird : Gray Heron

  • The Gray Heron is an auspicious animal symbolizing abundance, dignity, and peace. It is a symbol of Gunwi, widely known as the home of Korean tradition and culture.

Character : Janggun

  • “Janggun” was inspired by the names of each district across Gunwi-gun. It stands for the dreams and hopes of the local Gunwi-gun residents, their enterprising spirit and spirit, passion, and willingness to take on new challenges for the future.

Premium Brand : Gold & We

  • The “Gold&We” logo has an the arabesque pattern, which is meant to represent a plant with intertwined stems, vines, and leaves. The green leaf shape in the middle stands for the sprout of newly growing agricultural products, and the red and brown Möbius-like strip symbolizes the infinite loop of harvesting and producing good quality products in Gunwi.